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Floor Filler Events

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‘The Retro Sweet Table’

Sweet tables have been extremely popular over the last couple of years at events, so we’ve added our own take on the sweet table and added ‘The Retro Sweet Table’ to our repertoire.  Absolutely bursting with retro sweets to get those childhood memories returning, our sweet table has been hugely popular since we introduced it a few months ago.  With a huge selection of classics to choose from, every booking is individually priced depending on how much you order, and the best thing is…..if we’re DJ’ing your event anyway then the cost is lower as there is no set up fee as we’re there anyway, this enables us to be one of the cheapest sweet tables around!

‘The Retro Sweet Bowl’

Just introduced as a great touch to those evening reception tables are the retro sweet bowls – if the wedding/party budget is a bit tighter or you have limited space then why not opt for the ‘Retro Sweet Bowls’.  These are stylish selections of old ‘retro’ sweets put together to make a great (and tasty!) centrepiece for your tables.  Crammed full of sweets they are a sure fire hit for your evening and can be provided in a variety of set -ups to most suit your themes.

We can of course provide any kind of sweet table for any event but ‘The Retro Sweet Table’ is ours (and everyones elses) fave!.  Safety advice – Wham Bars are not good for those with false teeth or loose fillings!

The Retro Sweet Table at Cate’s 40th Birthday Party – The Fizz Whiz was definately the first to go!

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